GET offers the following services free:

Pregnancy Testing

An unplanned pregnancy can be scary, and there’s little doubt that it can change your plans in an instant. But before deciding on your next steps, it is important to find out for sure by having a pregnancy test performed. GET Clinic can provide you with free pregnancy testing so you can get the answer you need.

STI Testing & Treatment

An unplanned pregnancy is not the only concern from having unprotected sex. It can lead to sexually transmitted diseases. It is possible to contract an STD?STI without even knowing.

Abortion Consultation

We do offer Impotnat Inforamtion you need to have before making a decision about abortion or the abortion pill. We do not perform or refer for abortion.

Abortion Recovery

Many women struggle to cope with an abortion from their past. Often, women do not know who to turn to during this struggle. If you are struggling to overcome an abortion please contact us today to learn more about Post-Abortive Recovery.

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