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Before You Take The Abortion Pill

The abortion pill terminates a pregnancy within the first nine weeks. This abortion is a two-step method that takes 48 hours to complete. This may seem like the perfect solution, private with little hassle, but is it? Here are just a few things you should think about before looking into taking the abortion pill.
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Sometimes It Helps To Talk To A Compassionate Stranger

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I find it easier to tell things to strangers than those I know the best, especially when I think my news might bring disappointment or pain to those I love.
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Playing Catch

How does someone get an STI? And how do I know if I need tested? Most STIs are contracted through vaginal, oral, or anal sex with an infected person. Some STIs, however, can also be spread through skin-to-skin contact (such as mutual masturbation, “dry sex,” or prolonged kissing), or spread to babies during childbirth or potentially pregnancy. Still others can be spread through non-sexual contact including reusing or sharing syringes (or even tattoo needles!) with an infected person..
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